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Sherry charm by Gonzalez Byass

Just can’t get these beautiful Sherries out of my mind. What I think of is the study objects at the Sherry Master Class by Anders Öhman during the Sommeliers’ Days in Gothenburg.

All by Gonzalez Byass and a charming overview of different Sherry styles:

  • Tio Pepe Fino, light superdry, acetaldehyde.
  • Viña AB Amontillado, dry, tight, almonds and dried apricots.
  • Alfonso Oloroso Seco, dry, nutty, flamed almonds, marzipan, raisins, dried dates and butterscotch.
  • Leonor Palo Cortado, dry, with nuts, marzipan, raisins, mouthfilling glycerol.
  • Apostoles Palo Cortado Muy Viejo VORS, Palomino blended with 13% Pedro Ximenez for a little sweetness. Complex with dried Christmas fruits, orange chocolate, nougat. Superb!
  • Matusalem Oloroso Dulce Muy ViejoVORS. Palomino blended with 25% Pedro Ximenez. Sweet, thick, chops, dark chocolate, dried fruits, complex.
  • Nóe Pedro Ximenez VORS. Rich, concentrated, very sweet with dried fruits, figs, coffee and chocolate.

The last three are all Very Old Rare Special, which means they have been matured in barrel for at least 30 years. Additionally, approval from sensoric tasting is required before putting VORS on the label.

Master Class Sherry, Gonzalez Byass

A beautiful line up. Sherry charm.

Sommeliers’ Day 2015

Sommelierernas Dag 2015A weekend in Gothenburg permeated by wine in several dimensions. A great opportunity to explore a lot of beautiful wines, to add knowledge and contacts in the world of wine, and not least, to have some great fun .

Last weekend was the 15th anniversary of Sommeliers’ Day in Gothenburg. This year a new venue, Clarion Hotel Post, and, thanks to the anniversary, the one day event had extended into two. Master classes and tastings on Saturday and beverage fair on Sunday. A great concept, which we hope will be here to stay.

Choices were necessary on Saturday. Three out of eight seminars were possible to get into the personal agenda. Of course we joined the Spanish Garnacha master class held by Michel Jamais. Garnacha has become a favourite and we have given it some extra attention over the last year.

While He continued with micro breweries and then destilled beverage with Jamais, yours truly went to Germany and Joel B Paynes master class on VDP. 18 wines later a seed  had been sown, a desire to dive deeper. We have so often just jumped over Germany and started to follow the wine routes more to the west. Time to do something about that.

The day ends back in Spain. Sherry master class with Anders Öhman. An overview of the different styles, as per Gonzalez Byass. All so delicious, but it is the 30 year old Apostoles VORS that steals my heart.

Sunday begins with a right-hand turn. There they stand in line, the German VDP producers. To our great surprise we don’t need to queue to get a chat and taste. We take the turn twice. First the white one, then the red with Spätburgunder in focus. The enthusiasm from yesterday’s VDP seminar gets more fuel and we sense the beginning of a German love affair.

It is always particularly fun to talk directly to the producers. No wonder that we stop and let Sandrine from Domaine Thibert pour some lovely Chardonnay from the villages in French Macôn.

To choose was unfortunately necessary also on Sunday. A lot of exhibitors and limited opening hours. Time flew, but we got the chance to taste some more nice wines: French, Spanish, some Austrian, Australian and a couple of American from Oregon. No one mentioned, none forgotten. Soon enough we will return. Full scribbled note books and many interesting leads to follow make that a promise.

Congratulations to Sommelierföreningen Västra Sektionen for a great event!

Sommeliers' Day 2015 glasses