Wine is not just a very special beverage, but also a multifaceted subject that capture the heart of many, many people around our globe. So also mine. Why this fascination?

One answer could be that wine is a part of our culture. Yes, it could be that simple. However, for me it is also a joy and a challenge in three different aspects.

Wine is of course a treat for the senses. To relish aromas, flavours, texture; and to explore how the impressions change and evolve when we match food and  wine. The world of wine lets us enjoy wonderful sensorial experiences.

Think also about everything there is to learn about wine. About the history and geography of wine. About geology, biology and chemistry. About  the people, wine growers and winemakers, devoted to their task to give us consumers a quality product. And it is not possible to get fully-trained; there is always something new to learn. A previously not tasted grape, an overlooked geographical area, a new producer or new quality rules. The world of wine is an intellectual challenge.

Last, but not least, there is the great joy in the meetings with all the people who gathers around the interest in wine. It is always a highlight to meet the persons behind a wine. Great is also the fellowship with friends sharing the interest. Wine tasting friends who has become friends for life. The world of wine is a social world of affinity, joy and shared experiences.

The Lovely Wine Grapes blog is where I share some of my thoughts, experiences and knowledge about wine. Mostly wine, I would say, as a post sometimes may appear about food, other beverages, traveling and related subjects connected to the good things of life.

Lovely Wine Grapes is a version of my main blog, Ljuva Druvor, written in Swedish. Here I put out a few of the blog entries in English.

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