Distilled Salwey

I nibble gingerbreads and sip on Salwey spirits. At last. The Salways are delicious but He has been stingy. We visited Kaiserstuhl in March, but the Trester was not opened until a couple of weeks ago. So tonight, when the cat’s away… I  look around, find the Apfelbrand. And the gingerbread tin.

Sandi Benzarti at Weingut Salwey-0198

In the winery in Oberrotweil it is Sandi Benzarti who puts his soul in the making of the spirits. Cellarmaster for the wines and master distiller. A responsibility including the column still as well as the cellar where the flavours slowly grow and mature. The ones not on barrel is stored in big brown stoneware vessels, reminding me of old, traditional Höganäs stoneware from the south of Sweden.

Not only pomace, the left-over from the wine production, is put through the distiller. Fruit are also found among the raw material. Apple is a speciality, where the fruit pulp is distilled directly, i.e. skipping the step to first make juice from the apples.

Even if the range has been tightened up the last years, I count to about 15 different spirits on the list. What to choose? At the recommendation of my host I put a Trester matured in oak barrel and an Apfelbrand on the purchase list.

Salwey Destillat

Trester vom Kaiserstuhl is distilled from Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) pomace and then matured three years on oak barrel. The alcohol, 45%, attacks but softens fast to fruity notes. A lot of flavour, from the start to the very long end. Suits my taste buds, very fine!

Rinzbergwasser Apfelbrand is made of apples grown around Glottertal in the south of  Schwartzwald. Three years on barrel for this one too. 42%. The nose full of yellow fruit, soft and spicy. On the palate additional notes of almond paste. Soft, focussed, pensil in its very good length. Excellent, delicious and my favourite!

Both really nice pairings to Nyåker’s Gingerbreads. Better put these bottles out of sight and save to Advent.

Sandi Benzarti at Weingut Salwey, Oberrotweil

Länk till Weingut Salwey’s homepage, list of spirits.  

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Weingut Salwey winery in Oberrotweil, Kaiserstuhl

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