Book traces to a winemaker

Three books at my bedside table. An unlikely combination of a novel, a storybook for children and a wine book. There is one common denominator. The tracks lead back to a winemaker.

The old storybook, folktales gathered by the Grimm brothers, a very well read copy from my childhood. The very first tale, about a little green frog, attracts the interest today. A long time since I read it last time.

The frog king. Illustration by Janusz Grabianski from "Bröderna Grimms SAGOR", Albert Bonniers Förlag 1963.
The frog king in my old storybook. Illustration by Janusz Grabianski in “Bröderna Grimms SAGOR”, Albert Bonniers Förlag, 1963.

The novel, “The Little Paris Bookshop” by Nina George, about the bookseller who cures troubled souls with books and by a very specific reason sets off on his book bage for a trip to the south of France. Freshly purchased on recommendation, reading ongoing.

The wine book, “Reading between the wines” by Terry Theise, renowned American importer of wines from Germany, Austria and Champagne. A book about the passion for wine, but not just any wine. The passion for soulful wine.

A young, talented winemaker. Who’s there?

Books Grimm George Theise-0343



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