The Sonnenberg Tears

Tears well up in my eyes. Just like that. Touched by a single sip of wine, a sip of magical wine. How it tastes? Overwhelmingly delicious, although I can’t be so much more specific. As Terry Thiese [1] writes: “The greatest wines are the ones you can’t write notes about because you’re weeping, overcome with their loveliness.” This is one of those.

Siegrist vineyard Sonnenberg

We stand in the Leinsweiler Sonnenberg, surrounded by old vines. On the top of the hill, a big building, the Slevogthof with its white tower, for some years the home of artist Max Slevogt, one of the most important German impressionists painters. At the end of the slope, the small, but very beautiful church of Leinsweiler. Further down, the village.

Already 1200 years ago, this place was covered with vines. Today a VDP Grosses Lage for Siegrist’s Riesling and Pinot Noir. A southfacing slope with calcarious soil. One of those favoured places where soil, climat and vine merge together and create exceptional wines.

A moment ago we walked in the vineyard, talked and looked at the vines, the soil, the view. Took some pictures. The vines have been pruned, the sap rising, no signs of buds. Of course, it is only mid March.

Then Thomas Siegrist takes out a small bottle from the car and pours us a glass each.

Siegrist Sonnenberg Riesling Beerenauslese 2007 is lusciously sweet with beautiful golden colour. Eternal length. Overwhelmingly delicious. Just a single sip is needed and I’m overcome with its loveliness. Eyes wet by Sonnenberg tears .

Monika Dapprich, Thomas Siegrist with The wine
Monika Dapprich, Thomas Siegrist and the Wine

Monika Dapprich and Thomas Siegrist

Many thanks to Monika Dapprich, Thomas and Gisela Siegrist, Bruno and Kerstin Schimpf for so kindly receiving us at Weingut Siegrist and sharing your passion for wine, for great wine.

You first read the story about “The Sonnenberg tears” on Lovely Wine Grapes. All post on Lovely Wine Grapes about our visit to Weingut Siegrist in March 2015:

Links to Weingut Siegrist homepage and on Facebook.

Note [1] From the highly recommended book (although only to passionate winelovers), “Reading between the wines”, by Terry Theise (2011, page 22): “The greatest wines are the ones you can’t write notes about because you’re weeping, overcome with their loveliness. This happened to me in a restaurant in Paris one evening; the waiter must have thought my wife had just told me she didn’t love me anymore and was absconding with the plumber. Nah, it was just the damned Jurançon. This like all wine experiences, will jump out of the darkness at you, but it’s ok, it’s part of the spell. Don’t fear the weeper.”

Sonnenberg Leinsweiler


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