Siegrist Hagestolz 2012, the successful son

We just couldn’t keep us from opening a bottle. Even if Monika thought it was a wine for autumn and winter. We also agreed that it would win if kept in the cellar a year or two. But we wanted so much, at least in our thoughts, to be back at Siegrist in Leinsweiler.

Hagestolz, the hardworking second son, got several exclamation marks in the note book already at our visit three weeks ago. And he would be a perfect match to our dinner, a large fillet butter-fried cod.

Seigrist Hagestolz Chardonnay 2012

Chardonnay did not have an easy life at the start of its Palatine career. When Thomas Siegrist said he was going to grow the grape on his land in the southern Pfalz people said “You don’t need Chardonnay here! Why do you do Chardonnay here?” Anyhow, Thomas planted it and today Chardonnay is accepted.

The name Hagestolz alludes to the grape’s tough start in the region. In former times, in German farmer families, the “hagestolz” was the second son. The first son inherited everything, while number two had to stay on the farm and work. A hard life.

Siegrist Hagestolz 2012 has got an easier start in life. From Siegrist’s Concretus-line, i.e. the wines above the entry level. Cherished organically grown Chardonnay grapes. 15% matured on new barriques for 6 months.
Light yellow. Nuanced with yellow fruit, citrus, butteriness, oak, a little bit of spicyness and incipient complexity. Very dry, pleasant integrated fresh acidity, medium bodied with delicious texture. Very good length. Rich, still with a light touch. Very good.
A kind of restrained powerfulness, this son is a success. Delicious already today, but, well, it was a bit early to open. Must admit that. We will wait at least a year, probably longer, before we enjoy the next one.

A good choice to the butter-fried cod with ditto vegetables: fresh onion, tender carrots and celery. Yummy!

Seigrist Hermes logo

We visited Weingut Siegrists in Leinsweiler in March 2015. All posts on Lovely Wine Grapes about our visit:

Links to Weingut Siegrist homepage and on Facebook.


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