A beverage for fairies, Champagne Cossy Eclat Brut

Fairies dancing. White, light, as flowing veils in early summer morning. The image is developed on the retina directly. Trigger? The first sniff with our noses dipped into long, narrow champagne glasses. It is promising, this first acquaintance with Sophie Cossy.

Champagne Cossy Eclat Brut

We have not met Sophie. Neither tasted any of Champagne Francis Cossy’s champagnes before. However, we have met Sophies fiancé, Cédric Moussé. He was a bit late to our appointment, an early October morning in 2013. We understand that the reason was to be found in the young, beautiful winemaker behind the Cossy label, Sophie.

The reason why we now, on Valentin’s day, hold a glass of Cossy Eclat in the hand is to be found in the purchase of a box from Swedish ChampagneHuset: Collection “Coup de foudre”.  Three bottles Moussé and three bottles Cossy. Primarily purchased for Moussé, which we already know is a delicious treat from the Pinot Meunier dominated vineyards of Vallée de la Marnes. Cossy became as a spice, which we were curious to explore. Coup de foudre is said to mean “love at first sight” or “as a bolt from the blue”. It is not a bolt from the blue that Cossy should be good, but we did not expect it to become love at first sip.

Sophie Cossy. Foto: Champagne F Cossy.
Sophie Cossy. Foto: Champagne F Cossy.

Champagne Francis Cossy is run by Sophie and her mother. The Cossy family has been growers in Champagne since 1764 and produced under their own label since the 50ies. Home to Cossy is the little village Jouy Les Reims in Montagne de Reims. It is just a bit south-west from Reims, where the grapes come from Premier Cru classified, organically managed vineyards. Sustainability and permanent improvement are on top of the agenda.

Champagne Cossy Cuvée Eclat Brut, Premier Cru
A blend of wines from vineyards in Jouy-les-Reims and Pargny-les-Reims. A third each of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. Two years on the lees in bottle.

Champagne Cossy Eclat BrutLight yellow with small, fine bubbles. Fine, multifaceted elegant nose. Some toasty breadiness, white flowers, citrus, green apples and a touch of minerality. Mediumbodied with the fresh acidity peering out behind a palate filling, round impression. The aftertaste so very long, gripping the palate and filling it with flavours previously experienced in the nose. The minerality reminds of chalk and a tiny pinch of English butterscotch finds it way among fruit and floral notes. 

Delicious, fine, elegant. The French éclat means brilliance and yes, this is shimmering, and at the same time so multifaceted and full of charming character. A champagne for fairies!

Read more:
Link to Champagne F. Cossys webpage.

About our visit to Cédric Moussé and his impressing work to create a sustainable production and Blanc de noirs of top quality: Champagne Moussé Fils, Blanc de noirs expert in Cuisles.

Champagne Cossy Eclat Brut


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