Meeting the people…

Sometimes we meet them when we are on the move, sometime at home in Sweden. We refer to the people behind the wine. Those who so often burn with enthusiasm and have so much to tell.
An interesting meeting often ends up in one or several blog posts (and sometimes even a failure to meet can get interesting).
To more easily find these specific posts, find them in the list below, sorted by origin (country and region/district) and producer with meeting date within brackets.
Please enjoy!

Chablis Les Preuses och VaulorentBurgundy: Chablis

La Chablisienne
La Chablisienne, en lektion i kimmeridge. (Oct -13) (in Swedish)

Hautvillers utsikt EpernayChampagne

Champagne Coulon & Fils
Champagne Coulon & Fils, with a paradise in the portfolio (Oct -13)

Champagne Moussé Fils
Champagne Moussé Fils,  Blanc de Noirs expert in  Cuisles. (Oct -13)

Champagne Pertois-Moriset
Champagne Pertois-Moriset in Le Mesnil. (Oct -13)

Champagne Thierry-Perrion
Jessica’s Champagne for Easter. (April -10)

Chinon castleLoire: Anjou

Château Yvonne (Saumur-Champigny)
Château Yvonne, eftertraktat från Parnay.  (Oct -13) (in Swedish)

Domaine aux Moines (Savennières)
Domaine aux Moines, a visit to the ladies over the mist. (Oct -13)

Sourdais logis (Chinon)
På jakt efter det vin som flytt, Sourdais logis i Bouchardière. (Oct -13) (in Swedish)

Wilfrid Rousse (Chinon)
Sjöjungfrun i Chinon, hos Vigneron Wilfrid Rousse. (Oct -13) (in Swedish)

Maison du Muscadet i Vallet.Loire: Nantais

Château de Briacé (Muscadet de Sèvre-et-Maine)
Château de Briacé – bland hästar och vinrankor. (Oct -13) (in Swedish)

Château du Cléray (Muscadet de Sèvre-et-Maine)
Sauvion, härförare på Château du Cléray. (Oct- 13) (in Swedish)

Loire: Sancerre

Henri Bourgeois
Henri Bourgeois i Chavignol, vallfärd till baronessornas jordar. (Oct -13) (in Swedish)

Loire: Touraine

Domaine Huet (Vouvray)
Pärlande lätt hos Huet. (Oct -13) (in Swedish)

Les Rocher des Violettes (Touraine)
Côt i violett. (Oct -13) (in Swedish)


Clos du Mont-Olivet
Potent à la Sabon, Clos du Mont Olivet. (March -14) (in Swedish)



Salwey in Grauburgunder Heaven. Bone dry Salwey. Distilled Salwey. (March -15)

Schloss Neuweier.
Schloss Neuweier, History and Charm.Schloss Neuweier Mauerberg 2013 Weisser Burgunder. Historic walls & exquisite aromas. (March -15)


Willi Schaefer
Herrarna Schaefers känsla för smak. (March -14) (in Swedish)


Marie Menger-Krug/Familie Menger-Krug, Villa im Paradies, Motzenbäcker (Krug’sher Hof, Rheinhessen)
Terrific Wine Women @ Ästad Vingård, Marie in Paradise, Rural Sparkling & Eco, with Marie Menger-Krug in Deidesheim, Vineyard pigs in Service,The Moon in a Glass, Marie by Marie. (March -15)
Marie’s Kellerkinder 2015. (May -16)

Regine Minges/Weingut Theo Minges
Book traces to a winemaker, From Minges with love, Kisses for the frog king (March -15)

Siegrist, pure Palatine Gems, Siegrist Hagestolz 2012, the Successful Son, There Must Be an Angel, Four Levels of Elegance, A Message from the GodsThe Sonnenberg Tears. (March -15)


Douro Baixa CorgoDouro

Alves de Sousa
Alves de Sousa; Meticulously, Dr. Tiago. (May -14)
Alves de Sousa; Douro in white & red. (May -14)
Alves de Sousa; Port in gold, amber and red. (May -14)

Non-sulphured charm, CARM. (May -14)

Quinta do Passadouro (see also Wine & Soul)
Lunch with Sandra & Jorge. (May -14)
Quinta do Passadouro; one white, Three red and two port.  (May -14)
The noble art of holding a port wine glass. (May -14)

Quinta do Côtto
Quinta do Côtto; Mafalda’s surprise. (May -14)

Quinta do Vale Meão
Quinta do Vale Meão; breathtaking on historical hectars. (May -14)
Quinta do Vale Meão; part 2 – wine portfolio with white news. (May -14)

Vértice (Caves Transmontanas)
The Vértice saga, bubbles from  Douro. (May -14)
Vértice, revisited we would wish. (May -14) (in Swedish)

Wine & Soul (see also Quinta do Passadouro)
Wine & Soul; lovely spotty wines. (May -14)

South Africa


De Toren
Vin som glädjer människans hjärta. (Nov -11) (in Swedish)


Ästad Vingård, Halland
Vineyard visit in Swedish @ Ästad Vingård. (March -15)

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